How to surf facebook easier?

Nowadays, we spend many time to using Facebook. Especially you surf by facebook application, there are many troubles you can solve it by these following facebook tips.
Using shortcut
With these pretty shortcuts, you can do almost everything with Facebook without the need for a mouse, such as “L” for “Like” or “C” for “Comment”.


Depending on the operating system and web browser you use, the shortcut will be different.

For Windows:
Firefox: Shift + Alt + [shortcut]

Chrome: Alt + [shortcut]

For Macs:
Firefox: Control + [shortcut]

Chrome: Control + Option + [shortcut]

Safari: Control + Option + [shortcut]

Shortcut list:
1: Return to the home page

2: Open the Timeline / Profile page

3: Open the Friends / Friends page

4: Open the Messages / Messages page
5: Open the Notifications page

6: Open the “General Account Settings” settings page.

7: Open the “Privacy Settings”

8: Open your Facebook page

9: Open the “Legal Terms”

0: Open the “Help Center”

M: Opens a new message compose dialog

?: Move the cursor to the Facebook search box

When on News Feed page:
Use the “J” and “K” keys to move up and down the Facebook page

When the check mark is in a status or picture, press the “L” key to Like or Unlike and the “C” key to Comment.

You can make emoticons by using shortcut, which is found easily on the internet.


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